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and Strategies Does Not Have To Drive You Crazy!

Finally... get the support that you need for ALL your Online Marketing without paying the crazy Agency fees that usually come along with support. Get the cutting edge strategies and feel secure as we hold your hand as you implement them...

You need to join The IDEA Lab ...

  • If you’re overwhelmed trying to understand which social media is best for your business?

  • If you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram, only to see little or no results!

  • If you know you must begin using digital marketing, like Facebook or Instagram, just not sure where to start??

If any of these points above describe you and where you are with your business, then this is for YOU!

If you are struggling when it comes to using tools like Facebook or Instagram (just to name a few), then you definitely want to keep reading or just click the video above.

You now have very affordable options to help you succeed in applying social media to get more sales, more names in your database and yes even improve customer service and reviews!

The Reality

People have been making massive shifts in their lives for centuries. When people were used to walking or riding horses to get to where they wanted to go, Henry Ford introduced the concept of the Automobile.

In today's society, more and more businesses are making the shift to digital marketing from traditional forms of advertising and communication.

But why?

Is it just because it's faster than a horse?

Absolutely Not!

The reason more and more businesses are trying (some not so successfully) to make the switch is because it’s where YOUR CUSTOMERS are! 

It’s like going fishing…if you have the best bait, the best tackle, but all the fish have moved to a different lake, your outdated strategy delivers or fails to deliver results…so even the thought of doing what you’ve always done, giving you what you’ve always gotten, no longer works!

The Alternative

You have a few options...

Option #1-

Of course, option one is to do nothing. And this may be perfect if you’re about to retire and future growth and stability is no longer desired. (in case this isn’t you, keep reading)

Option #2-

Hire someone to help you who has digital experience. This is a good option. Albeit, it can be expensive. Both in time and in money.


Time – when we see business owners hire a “young person” thinking they are experts because they are young, it often backfires because they lack the experience that helped shape their ability to create winning strategies that produce results.

These, quite frankly, can only come from people who have done this hundreds of times, because the digital world allows for testing that really doesn’t exist in a magazine ad…or TV commercial.


Money – You could hire a digital agency. Because they will have the experience and expertise that was missing in in the first example.

Unfortunately hiring a competent digital agency is often financially out of reach for the average local business owner or entrepreneur.

Option #3-

Trial and Error – Do we really need to explain this one and the pitfalls associated with this option? It can be the worst of options 2.

You see the downside here is the digital landscape is changing so much and so often, and the average local business owner or entrepreneur is already wearing several hats, it devours time and money!

This of course is a recipe for disaster, and could literally drive you to failure in both your business and becoming a digital marketing wizard!

But wait, this is not sounding very good…is there another option?

We have an IDEA!

theidealab bulb

The best option would be to have the strategy of an ad agency at your fingertips, along with experts who are in your ear. They could be letting you know which platforms are best to attract your ideal clients, maximize your profits and build a strong loyal following.

They could be strategizing which social media platform for your business is just a Bright Shiny Object and to not waste any time or money on them.

Oh, and if the option to have the expertise and experience were there, wouldn’t it also be affordable for the local business owner?

The answer would be yes!

bulb on its own

Welcome to THE IDEA LAB

The Insiders Digital Education Academy- Where digital strategies come to life

The IDEA Lab was born and created by two digital marketers, who own and run a digital marketing agency. In the course of speaking to many business owners, they kept hearing the same horror stories over and over…”we don’t know how to use these tools” (many cases they had no idea they even existed) or “they have no idea where to learn how to use them?”

Andrew McCauley and Jeff Harrison of SwingPointMedia, Inc., said, we can create a solution so the average local business owner or entrepreneur can access the expertise, experience and strategic thinking, at an affordable price, so they can compete, grow and thrive in a digital economy.


How It Works

Because the digital landscape changes we knew we needed to create a way to keep the members of

The IDEA Lab informed and for many, to actually teach them how to use the digital tools available to them and their businesses. First and foremost, The IDEA Lab is an educational(through “how to” calls and members only Q&A sessions) and strategic support, members only platform.

So, we took several key steps to ensure that you would not be left behind:

“LIVE” video conference calls

  • Weekly video calls; because changes can happen often and creating a resource library could literally be outdated and useless before the membership even launched.
  • All calls are live and interactive
  • They are recorded, in case you missed the live call.
  • Q & A time with each call to answer specific questions

Private Members Only Facebook Group

  • Allows for members to help members if they have a challenge between live weekly calls
  • Andrew and Jeff will be in the Private Members Only area daily
    • Answering questions
    • Providing more one on one strategy support
    • Sharing live case studies
    • And more….

Members Only Interviews with other Industry Experts

  • These will not be shared publicly and a member only exclusive
  • Who’s Who of Digital Marketing that we can extract and share valuable digital marketing insights with our “members only community”

Membership Only Portal

  • Resources of tools or apps that we have vetted and know they will make
  • Insights and feedback from conventions and functions we attend
  • Past live calls archived
  • Worksheets and templates to download so you don’t have to recreate

I know what you’re thinking, “this sounds great, but it also sounds extremely expensive”

Remember our goal was to give you, the member access to the experience, the expertise and do it at a price the average local business owner or entrepreneur could afford.

oh, by the way IDEA stands for Insiders Digital Engagement Academy.

We could have easily charged a couple hundred dollars a month, and we would have served a nice community.

But we felt we still would have left out the ones who really have poured their hearts, souls and financial resources into making their dreams a reality…

We said "let’s open the doors", and then decide after we see the response, to determine if we were just crazy for making it too cheap!


How Do I Join The Community?

So by becoming a Member of The IDEA Lab, You will receive :

  • Live Weekly Training Calls,
  • Membership to get up to the minute support in the Members Only Private Facebook Group,
  • Exclusive Members Only Interviews with Industry Experts
  • Resources to save you time and more money.

To join today it’s...


and then its only...

$49 a month…and for those who like to save money, pay for a year in advance and get 2 months free and pay only $490 ( a one time payment).

So the next step...

Click on the Join Now button below and then you will be taken to our secure checkout. We take your credit card details and only run the card AFTER 30 days....so you do not have any interruptions with accessing your membership.


Once you have filled in the details, you will have immediate access to the Members Only Membership Portal as well as the members Only Facebook Page.